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MM2H participant Familiarization Tour

Packages available are specially designed as familiarization tours for MM2H participants. Through this package, they are able to experience the life-style and culture of Malaysia the local way.

Malaysia Star Attraction Tours

These tours feature star attractions of Malaysia ( including East Malaysia) for your utmost fun & leisure.

Sport & Adventures Exploration Tour

The tour is designed for university / college students, young professional and executives or government officials who always travel with their spouse, partners or friends. Packages include VIP golfing, fishing, scuba diving, rainforest safari, water sports & etc.

Romance Tour

The tour is most suitable for lovers or newly married couple who are looking for a truly memorable vacation of which they can share such feeling and memories with their loved one. With our packages and personalized services, having a romantic wedding ceremony is a dream come true for every couple.

Health, Beauty and Medical Tour

The tour is tailored so that you will be pampered in well-known health clubs, or top class SPA of your choice. At your choice, we will also send you to natural hot springs where you will experience the natural way of healing or just for pure relaxation. In addition, we also offer personal arrangement with private hospitals in Malaysia if you are just here for medical-check up.

Educational Tour

Being a centre of education excellence, traveling to Malaysia for education is becoming a trend. As such, we offer special packages for parents who can spend a short vacation in Malaysia and at the same time visit their children.